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Community buy village shop and post office

Tills will keep ringing in Yetholm after the community was awarded a £114,000 grant from the Scottish Land Fund to buy the village shop.


Concerns were raised over the future of Yetholm Village Shop and Post Office, considered a vital part of village life, when the current owners revealed a wish to retire.

The idea of a community buy-out was mooted in 2019, and following extensive research and the commissioning of a social enterprise business plan, Yetholm Community Shop Limited was established.

The award of £114,000 from the Scottish Land Fund was the first major milestone in allowing the society to to move forward with its vision to transfer the shop to community ownership. A successful initial offering for shares in the society, in addition to many donations from local benefactors, raised the necessary funds to proceed with the purchase. In late March, 2021 we began trading as Yetholm Community Shop, and currently have more than 200 individual shareholders.

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